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Super Gordon Saves the World

December 10, 2008

Well one of the things about the English is that, supposedly, we are quite humble, polite people; with of course the exception of the swathes of people who listen to ‘da hip-hip moosik’ and wear “caps n ‘oodies” whilst running around shopping centres after dark going “brup brup!”

But I mean our adults, they are pretty humble right. Well seems our Prime Minister disagrees.

In Prime Ministers Questions this week, Gordon Brown declared “We have saved the world”. Check it here.

So. Since Gordon has saved your sorry little ass, you better read on to find out how he did it.

Cutting VAT by 2.5%

Genius. At least that’s what Gordon will tell you. I actually found an envelope, which on the back I found the mathematical and economical basis of this decision, which the government announced recently, which sees EVERYTHING in the ENTIRE country get 2.5% cheaper.

Recession = Unemployment = Less money = Less spending = Less Jobs = Less Money


Recession = Unemployment = Less money BUT + approx £12.5billion of money diverted away from the treasury back into the pockets of the consumer = Everything is going to be fine and the people will be demanding for a statue of me in Trafalgar Square.


£12.5 billion! That’s alot. I could definitely get a PS3 with that, which would be sweet. But, how does Gordon Brown know that’s how much money the economy needs? Uh oh, he doesn’t.

Thanks to!

Thanks to!

But that’s just an arbitary point really, the real point is that the £12.5billion isn’t something Gordon found behind the sofa in Number 10. Nope. It’s just tax. Which Gordon isn’t going to take. The money isn’t really being pumped into the economy at all, it’s just not being sucked out.

So it’s a random amount of money and it’s not even being pumped in. But the ultimate error is Gordon has already spent the £12.5billion because he was pretty sure he was actually going to suck it out.

So the £12.5billion which isn’t being sucked out has already been spent, so instead Gordon is borrowing £12.5billion so the bailiffs don’t come to the Commons and rip out that lovely green trim they have going on there.

So, Gordon’s VAT cut is him not sucking out £12.5billion from the economy, but just sucking it from somewhere else. But we’ll have to pay them back. And we’ll have to pay them back around £20billion, because of interest.

So Gordon Brown has mortgaged the country for no reason, causing our currency to crash to record lows, as most investors in the UK have decided to all collectively fuck off very quickly,  making all our stuff cheap for the entire world to enjoy. With that deflationary event, the rest of the world can ride out the recession as Britain returns to being the sweatshop of the world.

And that’s how Gordon saved the world.


Smuggling Drugs – It’s just not Cricket!

December 9, 2008

Smuggling drugs is one of those strange things we all know is a bad idea, but at the same time, still seems reasonably sensible.

I know that doesn’t make sense but bare with me.

Smuggling drugs is bad because if you get caught, your totally fucked. And you get someone’s hand up your bum. Double lose.

What’s more, its not one of those crimes that can be classed as “white collar” or a moment of madness or greed like online fraud or stealing from the cash register. It means you went somewhere, bought a massive fucking pile of mind-exploding substances and then tried to take them somewhere else, with the intention of both getting totally blasted off your face and making a pretty penny at the same time.

But that is exactly why it seems such a good idea as well. What other crime can you make thousands and thousands of pounds simply by transporting something from one country to another? And what crime also promises that if you are successful, you can celebrate in face-melting style by using some of your cheap cheap ‘import’.

Why, I fancy doing some smuggling right now!

Unfortunatly for Chris Lewis, he obviously fell into this trap and got totally busted. With £200,000 of coke. Whoops.

Chris Lewis is a successful English Cricketer for those not in the know and whilst I’m sure he isn’t rich, he isn’t I’m sure by any definition ‘dirt-poor’ like most drug mules. Almost certainly the man has a serious white powder addiction and I’m not just saying that because he’s big and black. Not all big and black people have coke habits you know. Just look at Barack Obama. His dad didn’t.

But either way, cricket and drug smuggling is a bizarre clash of recreational activities – let’s hope Chris doesn’t spend the rest of his days being hit for six in Brixton showers.


Entry #1

November 26, 2008

First Entry. How queer. Oh look I’m having a go at the gays only four words in, what a phenomenal achievement. I obviously mean queer as in bizarre or strange – just like my arse, homosexuals do not come into it.

With the use of the word arse in my first paragraph, you may be enlightened to the fact that I am English. Congratulations. No I don’t own a horse and I actually have a severe disliking for tea. So fuck your stereotyping.

Did you see how I presumed you weren’t English there? Obviously stereotyping in itself, making me a big fat fucking hypocrite only eight lines in – another impressive feat. Dammit. Anyway, I believe I am justified in my stereotype because there’s something about blogs which makes the English people incredibly disenchanted with them and the entire process. I mean, plenty of people have a flair for writing, communicating and humour in England, but I think the stumbling block we have encountered is that no-one really gives a shit about anything.

It’s true. Global recession. Our reaction? About fucking time. I mean, no recession in the UK for sixty quarters of economic growth? Just not on, even Guns N Roses tour more often than that.
Such mild retardedness aside, I have very little to say in this first entry. This is a reoccurring theme you may encounter – I very rarely do have anything to say, but regardless I shall try and keep this as updated as possible with mindless and irreverent twiddle.

Peace and Love


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