This blog is essentially going to be me commenting on stuff that I see in the media, is going on in the world. There will be very little literally about ‘me’. That shit is gay and I’m a boring fuck.

So it’s basically the opinions and comments of a normal English guy on England, English society, English politics, English economics and shit like that. That sounds fucking boring I know, but I’ll make it interesting for you I promise! Im not going to be being technical or serious, but rather, hilarious.

Common Smith?

Obviously, my first name isn’t Common. But my surname is Smith.

But the point is I probably have a very common name, a very common life, a common background. I use common language to talk to common people about common things. My favourite motivational phrase is Comm’on! I speak like a commoner, I dance like an awkward common person sterotypically does and my sense of humour is distinctly common to boot. I’m  also very much into politics and ergo the goings on at the House of Commons. Definitely stretching it now aren’t I.

Oh and my house backs onto a common. That’s a field incase you’ve gotten confused.

Oh and my spelling is below average.

This blog aims to be mildly entertaining and nothing else, but I heartenly encourage you to read, reply and complain, at will


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